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For a richer season, celebrate generously

This season, let’s pledge to celebrate generously and tackle our most pressing issues while we’re at it. For my part, I pledge to bring hunger out from the shadows and tackle it this season.

It’s time for Minnesota to follow Minneapolis’ Green To Go model

How many times do Minnesotans go out to eat per week? If your answer was one or greater, and one of your go-to restaurants continues to use polystyrene and other No. 6 plastics, your to-go containers could be contaminating other recyclables in your bin. Fortunately, since the 2015 Green To Go bill was passed in […]

Asylum seekers: We need to provide meaningful help

Unlike those charged with committing a crime, asylum seekers are not provided a government lawyer to handle their case. Most immigrants must seek help on their own, even while being held in detention.

Look who’s pushing STEM now

We should see STEM-mania for what it is: a product of decades of successful lobbying and public relations by certain interests.

Minnesota’s representatives should support impeachment

Witness testimony, call transcripts, text messages, and phone records all show that Trump used the power of the presidency for his own personal gain — and that he undermined our rule of law, our foreign policy, and our national security in the process.