Tinklenberg may be leading in 6th District, but Olson has a secret weapon

By most counts, Elwyn Tinklenberg is leading Bob Olson in the race for DFL endorsement in the 6th Congressional District. The winner will take on Republican incumbent Michele Bachmann in November.

Olson, a strong environmentalist, is considered the more progressive of the two DFLers. But Tinklenberg, who opposes abortions, says his political profile is a better fit for the district. Crucial district conventions, leading up to the April 26 Congressional District Convention, will be held this weekend.

The Olson forces say they do have a weapon to slow down any momentum Tinklenberg may be building: 449 Bob Olsons in the district; just one Elwyn Tinklenberg.

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  1. Submitted by Jeremy Powers on 03/31/2008 - 11:31 am.

    Cute, but I think Tinklenberg has this sewn up. Olson, for the most part, ran a good campaign. But many of his supporters have realized the numbers won’t add up for Olson, especially with one of the districts meeting Saturday is Tinklenberg’s home district, where the movers and shakers all support the hometown boy. Several volunteers have left the campaign and say they will support Tinklenberg in an effort to provide a unified front against Bachmann.

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