DFL’s Tinklenberg prevails in 6th district; unopposed Ellison, Walz re-nominated, too

On Friday, Bob Olson was confident he had a chance of defeating Elwyn Tinklenberg for the DFL endorsement for the 6th District Congressional race, saying that he had the support of the majority of delegates of more than 100 of the convention delegates he’d contacted.

But at the convention Saturday, that confidence quickly disappeared. Tinklenberg won a first-ballot victory over the more progressive Olson and now will face off against Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Tinklenberg, who had lost an endorsement fight to Patty Wetterling two years ago, was considered too conservative to attract the support of DFL purists. He is personally opposed to abortion rights and supports gun rights. But immediately following his victory, he was labeled “too liberal” to represent the district by the Republican Party.

Elsewhere, Keith Ellison was unopposed for endorsement at the 5th District Convention. He will face Republican Barb White in November.

Tim Walz, perhaps the state’s most popular DFLer, also was unopposed in winning endorsement in the 1st District Convention. His opponent is undetermined, because Brian Davis, the Republicans’ endorsed candidate, will face state Sen. Dick Day, who skipped the endorsement process, in a September primary.

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