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Pennsylvania primary trend bad news for Clinton, poll finds

Pennsylvania primary trend bad news for Clinton, poll finds. Read more …

Even Hillary Rodham Clinton’s strongest Minnesota boosters might be forced to throw in the towel IF Pennsylvania trends continue.

Results of the most recent Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows that Clinton’s lead over Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania Primary has fallen to just five points, 47 percent to 42. In early March, Clinton was favored by 52 percent of the Rasmussen respondents, while Obama was supported by 37 percent. Just a week ago, Clinton enjoyed a 10-point advantage. Other polls show similar, though less dramatic, trends.

In recent conversations, two Minnesota superdelegates who strongly support Clinton, Rick Stafford and Jackie Stevenson, based their continued support on the assumption that Clinton would win Pennsylvania in convincing fashion, though both assumed that race would tighten before  before  the voters go to the polls on April 22.

“These things always tighten,” said Stafford.

Neither Stafford nor Stevenson would say what represents a “convincing” victory.

“But there is a point where it doesn’t make sense to go on,” Stevenson said earlier this week. “We’re not at that point yet. Let’s see what happens in Pennsylvania.”

Former Vice President Walter Mondale is the third Minnesota superdelegate supporting Clinton. Two other superdelegates, Nancy Larson and Collin Peterson, are uncommitted, and 11 are supporting Obama.