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Live, from St. Paul, it’s the Tom Rukavina show

Rep. Tom Rukavina
Rep. Tom Rukavina

With a flurry of media conferences at the Capitol today, including one featuring Catholic Archbishop Harry Flynn, there was plenty of opportunity for any number of lawmakers to soak up the spotlight. But nobody steals the show quite like state Rep. Tom Rukavina.

The DFLer from Virginia must be on some kind of Hall of Fame ballot for Capitol quipsters after honing his comedic skills over the years. Today, he got off a couple of vintage Rukavina one-liners.

At the press conference featuring Flynn, a host of DFL lawmakers trumpeted the Rukavina-sponsored bill passed in the House Thursday raising the state’s minimum wage. Rukavina noted that the bill, which focuses on tips made by those in the service industry, was necessary because “I know how tight these Republicans can be when they go out to eat.”

At another moment, Rukavina turned to Flynn, who is retiring. “Now that you’re retired,” Rukavina said, “you better pray full time for the governor to sign this.”

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