Norm Coleman and Kathleen Soliah: separated at birth?

After Sara Jane Olson was re-imprisoned in March, KSTP-TV showed a photo from Olson’s days as ’60s radical Kathleen Soliah.

Except the long-haired armraiser wasn’t Soliah — it was U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, in his more-liberal-than-thou Hofstra days.

St. Paul’s Gerald Mischke apparently caught the epic screw-up and posted it on YouTube, below. The money moment is right after the 1:30 mark. (Hat tip: Mike Keliher.)

According to KSTP sources, the flub was genuine, though the YouTube version draws out the gender-bending error. Station officials made copious apologies to Minnesota’s senior senator, though none to Olson, we suspect.

We’re not sure if it’s the same person, but a guy named Gerald Mischke ran for St. Paul’s Ward 3 council seat last year against Pat Harris.

That Gerald Mischke is the brother of Highland Villager publisher Mike Mischke and also radio legend T.D. Mischke, who plys the airwaves for the TV station’s radio cousin, KSTP-AM.

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