Sarvi wins DFL congressional nod to challenge incumbent John Kline

As expected, Steve Sarvi won DFL endorsement Saturday in the 2nd Congressional District and will run against George W. Bush — oops, make that incumbent John Kline — in November. In the process of  winning endorsement, both Sarvi and the DFL made frequent references to the president in setting the stage for the congressional campaign.

“I believe our nation’s finest days await us, if we will only change course now and stay that course, not the one George Bush and John Kline have put us on,” Sarvi, an Iraqi war vet and Watertown mayor, said in his acceptance speech.

The DFL also issued a news release tying the record of the three-term Republican to the president.

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  1. Submitted by Nelson Nelson on 05/05/2008 - 11:47 am.

    Ok. Now all of you progressives out there roll up your sleeves and get to work. We need to elect Steve Sarvi for Congress.
    John Kline’s abysmal record must not be endorsed with one more election victory. To defeat Kline it will take more door knocking, phone calling, house partying, etc. than we have done before. Does anyone know someone friendly who does plane advertising?
    The money gap and professional advantages Kline has will be difficult to fight but I think Steve Sarvi is the candidate best suited to defeat John Kline in November.
    Let’s get out there!

  2. Submitted by Nancy Gertner on 05/05/2008 - 04:05 pm.

    It’s easy to identify the people that John Kline represents because they contribute to his campaign for re-election.

    The interesting ones are the Political Action Groups.

    Check the URL below to get to the website. The PACs that give to Kline include Exxon Mobil PAC and A T & T PAC. This is no surprise, as Kline’s congressional voting record reflects he is looking out for their interests.

    Kline may not author any Congressional earmarks to bring federal money to Minnesota, but he does vote to protect the interests of his contributors, which may indirectly bring some federal funds to Minnesota if the company has assets in the North Star State.

    Some of the companies that give to Kline are the same ones associated with the Pentagon’s plan to provide ‘information’ to citizens via the ‘Military Analysts’ that the networks paid to deliver ‘analysis’ that was scripted by the Pentagon misinformation office, in this story reported recently by the New York Times:

    So Kline is a kind of ‘Robin Hood,’ working to make the rich richer by voting to fund the Department of Defense, and voting NAY on many of the other bills that fund the other departments of the federal government.

    For those of you that like numbers, take a look at the Tax Foundation website. A March 2007 report lists the tax burden by Congressional District. The numbers for Minnesota are interesting.

    The data is from 2004 numbers:

    CD 3 is the highest taxed CD in Minnesota; 25th in the nation.
    CD 2 is second in MN and 79th in the nation.

    This is for 435 Congressional districts in the USA.

    So if John Kline doesn’t bring back federal money to Minnesota, he’s sort of a missionary for the taxpayers, spending their wealth in other places. Like building bridges in Iraq but not in Hastings. Maybe wealthy people feel good about sharing their abundance. Maybe they’re the majority in CD2. Maybe some Minnesotans would prefer that Kline’s priority be with taking care of Minnesota infrastructure. With the economic situation being different in 2008 than it was in other election years, it will be interesting to see if the people of CD2 want to rehire their missionary Kline to spend their federal tax money outside the district.

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