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‘Draft Ciresi’ site debuts; GOP chortles

Does a new site urging Mike Ciresi to get back into the U.S. Senate race bear GOP fingerprints?

There’s a new website urging former U.S. Senate candidate Mike Ciresi to get back into the race. “Draft Ciresi!” Its authors declaim influence from the once-and-perhaps-future candidate, and list themselves only as “Moderate Thinker,” “Dump Coleman” and “DFL Activist Anonymous.”

How do Republicans feel about this? Great! — at least according to Minnesota Democrats Exposed, which bannered the news this morning.

Still, plenty of MDE commentators see GOP fingerprints on the site. Given the murky identities, there’s no clear evidence, of course — save perhaps that the new site shares an exclamation point with the Republican clearinghouse “Blogs for Norm!

“Draft Ciresi!” asks the “DFL base” to get Al Franken’s “dirt out NOW” so primary voters can “pick a candidate who can beat Norm in the fall.”