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Klobuchar goes nationwide, gets Matthews-ed

The word “Minnesota” will live in the record alongside Barack Obama’s history-making speech in St. Paul last night, but the junior senator from Minnesota got a little national facetime, too.

At 7:08 p.m., the scoreboard at the Xcel, which was tuned to the live broadcast of MSNBC, suddenly lit up with Amy Klobuchar, who was near press row on the arena’s floor, and her recognizable mug.

The crowd saw her and a cheer went up; when the hometown Obamaniacs realized they were on national TV, the roar was sustained, and nobody in the joint could hear what Klobuchar and Chris Matthews were talking about.

But the close captioning on the scoreboard offered some clues. In a no-he-didn’t-moment, Matthews made a Larry Craig-MSP International joke.

“I hear, Senator, that Larry Craig is going to start his book tour out at the airport out there at the Republican convention this summer. Is that true? Ha!”

Klobuchar laughed, but demurred, saying, “OK, Chris, tonight is Barack Obama’s night, that’s what we’re focusing on.” A nice bit of slipping out of a potential gaffe.

But Mathews, that nut, could not be deterred. Moving quickly to the next guest, Clinton adviser Lisa Caputo, he continued the bathroom schtick, which quickly became unfunny.

Matthews noted that among other fun things Republican conventioneers might want to do for fun is visit the site of the collapsed 35W bridge. Co-host Keith Olbermann groaned off camera.

Further, continuing the national media’s confusion about which Twin City is which (ABC News Radio kept reporting Tuesday afternoon that Obama was to speak in Minneapolis), Matthews said the bridge site was in St. Paul.

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