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Italy-based candidate Shepard challenging Coleman in GOP Senate primary

U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman may be facing unique primary opposition before getting to the main event in November, his race against the DFL’s endorsed candidate, Al Franken.

Jack Shepard has filed to run against Coleman in the Sept. 9 Republican Party primary. Shepard, you may recall, is the man who runs his political campaigns via website from Italy. Previously, he ran in the 2004 and 2006 Republican primaries for the 4th District congressional seat, currently held by Democrat Betty McCollum. He gained 23 percent of the vote in 2004 and 33.8 percent in 2006.

He also ran for president in the New Hampshire Republican primary this year.

Though Shepard lists his home address as Highland Park in filing for this year’s primary race against Coleman, the former Minneapolis dentist has spent most of the last 25 years in Italy, where he moved after being convicted of drug possession and criminal sexual conduct in 1982. He also has been accused of arson.

Shepard, who was unavailable for comment and did not respond to an email message, has proclaimed his innocence in the past. On his website,, he describes himself as a peace candidate. He also has said that his international travels make him uniquely qualified to be a senator.

The Republican Party says it has no plans to try to get Shepard’s name removed from the primary ballot. (In 2004, then Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer did try to have Shepard’s name removed from the ballot, believing him to be a fugitive felon. But the state’s Supreme Court overruled her decision, allowing Shepard to run.)

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Aaron Landry on 07/08/2008 - 11:19 am.

    How bizarre. It’s also interesting seeing some of the stuff scraped directly off of Al Franken’s website.

    …then there’s this stuff:

    A whole boat load of WTF.

  2. Submitted by Jack Shepard on 07/26/2008 - 06:35 am.

    Senator Norm Coleman re-election is far from a shoe in!

    The Minnesota U.S. Senate Race is for 2 months now and for also the next 3 1/2 month is all we are going to hear is that Norm Coleman calls Al Franken, ” A foul mouth Tax Cheat” and Al Franken calls Senator Norm Coleman why will you not discuss your “Iraqi War Voting record etc. That is very boring!

    It is strange with Norm Coleman popularity below 50% that your publication and others do not consider the reality of the situation that with the many enemies that Senator Norm Coleman has made especially the Union Labor Movement in Minnesota and the massive Anti Iraqi War Movement in Minnesota that they will not vote for Jack Shepard just eliminate their enemy who insults them and does not listen to them in the Sept. 9, 2008 GOP U,.S. Senate Primary!

    The Union Workers of America in Norm Coleman’s Soprano’s political advertisement, according to Minnesota AFL-CIO secretary Steve Hunter; “which stirs up tired stereotypes of union leaders as union bosses linked to organized crime” They demand an apology, that they did not get!

    The Union Movement of Minnesota has never been insult so directly by a U.S. Senator; they know that Senator Norm Coleman has voted against the Union Workers of America in every labour bills in the Senate since he got to the Senate, that make the Union Workers of Minnesota unhappy but when Norm Coleman Insults them on TV that makes them very mad! Their slogan now is, “No one insults the Union Workers of America and get re-elected”!

    But this recent TV political ad by Sen. Norm Coleman against the Unions Workers of America is a real insult to their UNION LEADERS OF AMERICA, where the ad compared THE UNION LEADERS OF AMERICA to Mafia Bosses in Norm Coleman’s ad and just do you not think that the Union Members of Minnesota will just go out and vote for Jack Shepard, by using Jack Shepard to revenge this insult; especially since they did not get even an apology from Norm Coleman.

    That they will organize and just removing Senator. Norm Coleman from the Minnesota U.S. Senate Race by a massive 200,000+ Union Member crossover vote for Jack Shepard in the GOP Primary because Sen. Norm Coleman’s ad is even also so untrue that the DFL Party of Minnesota has started legal action to tell the truth about Al Franken’s position in the same ad, that it is not true so people get feed up with being insulted and when a Candidate tells the voters of Minnesota false statements about their endorsed candidate they get mad and will revenge for the an in your face insult of comparing Union Leaders to Mafia Bosses.

    It is a real possibility the Minnesota Union Movement Worker will takes revenge and vote in the GOP Primary to eliminate a Sen. Norm Coleman who has never been a friend of the working families of Minnesota who are struggling to survive but after such an unprecedented direct in your face insult to the Union Workers of Minnesota that they will not take it and response the only way they can with their vote by eliminating Norm Coleman the first chance they have in his own GOP Primary on Sept. 9, 2008 by voting for Jack Shepard.

    Being the Sept. 9, 2008 is the first chance the Union Workers of Minnesota and the Anti- Iraqi War Movement has to show their extreme unhappiness for Norm Coleman’s many the Anti-Union Votes and his continued Pro-Iraqi War Votes for an unending Iraqi War, and in the case of the Union Workers of Minnesota because of the insults by Sen. Norm Coleman against Union Workers of Minnesota and all the anti-labour votes that Sen. Norm Coleman has done in his first 5 years in the U.S. Minnesota which have been against their wishes. IT JUST COULD BE PAY BACK TIME!

    Even Rush Limbaugh had over 252,000 Republicans in Texas vote for Hillary Clinton to as he said it, “Limbaugh said, “We need Barack Obama bloodied up politically” and “It will sustain this soap opera, and it’s something I think we need. It would be fun, too!” Clinton won the Texas primary by about 98,000 votes out of 2.8 million cast. If the exits are right, about 252,000 of those voters were Republicans, and about 618,000 were conservatives. Clinton truly might have won the Texas primary on the backs of Rush Limbaugh listeners

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