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Quinnipiac: Obama’s Minnesota lead just 2 points

Via the Wall Street Journal, a Quinnipiac University poll puts Barack Obama up just two percentage points over John McCain, 46-44. The relatively large survey — 1,261 likely voters — has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

The Journal says Obama had a seven-point lead in June; but MPR’s Tom Scheck notes that lead was actually 17 points. Quinnipiac’s site concurs. The new survey was taken July 14-22.

According to the Journal, one factor in McCain’s surge may be the public’s support for increased offshore drilling; Minnesotans support it 59 percent to 34 percent; 9 percent have switched from opposition to support. McCain supports more offshore drilling; Obama doesn’t.

Minnesotans also support drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but by a smaller margin: 51-44. A majority formerly opposed the move, pollsters report. Both major-party candidates oppose ANWR wells.

Surprisingly, Quinnipiac rates Wisconsin as more of an Obama blowout: the Illinois senator leads 50-39 there.

Quinnipiac’s Minnesota results come a day after a Rasmussen Reports survey put Obama up 12 percentage points here.

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Comments (1)

  1. Submitted by Tom Poe on 07/24/2008 - 06:42 pm.

    Make that 3,000 plus whatever lead these jerks offer for Obama. I’m referring the the 3,000 plus that could care less about off-shore drilling, and care only about getting help from folks like the Macedonia church event held a few days ago to hand out food to those in need.

    I’ll bet the number of republicans that really believe the party will pull them out of this mess, knowing it was the party that put them into this mess has really dropped off the charts. I’ll bet the polls that call this race close is a total fabrication. Otherwise, they have no reason to exist.

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