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Ron Paul folks add ‘Rally’ attraction: Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura’s not quite gone from the political stage. Ventura will speak at Ron Paul’s big (perhaps) “Rally for the Republic” event at the Target Center on Sept. 2, the second day of the Republican Convention. Paul made the announcement Thursday in what sounded a lot like a plea for people to come to buy tickets – at $17.76.

When the rally was announced, Paul supporters said they expected a crowd of 20,000 people for a day of speeches and entertainers. Paul said Wednesday that “we have half the number of people signed up. …So many have made projections, we don’t want to disappoint.” Paul presumed that Ventura would “be a good draw.”

Apparently, Paul’s not totally convinced of that. In the Paul announcement, Ventura shared billing with country music singer Rockie Lynne.

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  1. Submitted by Sally Paulsen on 08/03/2008 - 09:53 am.

    Seems to me that if 10,000 people are showing up at any rally, that’s an incredible number. Instead of bashing the event, Doug, understand that there are hundreds if not thousands of people from throughout the country who are very excited to show up for Ron Paul’s rally, and to protest the RNC. They’re obviously not about to buy tickets to the rally if they can’t get here. Because this town is going to already be crawling with Republicans, most rally people won’t be able to find a room within 50 miles of the Twin Cities. One thing’s for sure, the Twin Towns are going to be happenin’!

    Lighten up for those of us who want to see a real change for the real people of this country. It certainly hasn’t come by the hands of the Republicans….or by the Democrats for that matter.

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