When it comes to rare scotch, TV host Montel Williams actually sipped, and Rudy Giuliani just looked

On Tuesday, I reported that the single-malt scotch available only at the St. Paul Grill for $525 an ounce wasn’t a big hit during the Republican National Convention. Only a few ounces were sold.

One, the staff said, went to a “regular rich guy” at lunchtime, and they weren’t sure who bought the others.

Turns out, though, that the scotch makers — Macallan, from the Scottish highlands — keep track of such things. An email from their New York public relations firm said that, after reading my story, they were happy to report the identity of one sipper:

Montel Williams, the television talk-show host.

Also, reports the PR woman, Rebecca Janoff of M Booth & Associates: “Mayor Rudy Giuliani was eyeing the precious whiskey, but vowed to return later in the week as he had a speaking engagement later in the evening.”

Giuliani was spotted several times in the Grill but apparently never made it back for the whiskey purchase.

The St. Paul Hotel today confirmed that Williams did buy one shot and that Guiliani was, indeed, interested but didn’t follow through.

And, they say, in all, three shots were sold last week, not two, as I’d been told. No details on the third buyer.

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