Michele Bachmann campaign says it knows nothing about report that national GOP is abandoning ad support

The Huffington Post is reporting that the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee is pulling television ads that it had planned to run in support of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann. That would seem to be a sign that the party has bad feelings about Bachmann’s 6th District race against Democratic challenger El Tinklenberg.

If the report is true, it comes as news to the Bachmann campaign.

“We learn about things like this through news reports,” said Bachmann’s spokeswoman, Michelle Marston. “From what we’ve heard, the only place reporting it is the Huffington Post and Chris Matthews, who we don’t feel especially close to.”

Matthews, of course, was conducting the interview with Bachmann on “Hardball” Friday night when Bachmann said Barack Obama is “anti-American” and also suggested that the media should investigate members of Congress to discovering who else might be “anti-American.”

Marston went on to say that it would not be legal for the Bachmann campaign to have direct contact with the NRCC about ads it is, or is not, running.

“Quite honestly, we’d love any extra support we could receive,” Marston said, “but we feel good about our poll numbers and our budget.”

Meantime, the Tinklenberg campaign reported late Wednesday afternoon, that 23,000 contributors now have given the campaign $1.3 million since Bachmann’s ill-fated appearance.

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