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Michele Bachmann now denying she questioned Obama’s patriotism

At first, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann said her Friday night interview on “Hardball” was “misread.” Then, she said it was “misconstrued.”

On Monday, in an afternoon interview with conservative talk radio host John McCaslin, Bachmann said she didn’t say what she seemed to say. She’s now saying she did NOT question Barack Obama’s patriotism.

“It is not true, I did not say that, and this is a case of a false accusation,” Bachmann said in the radio interview. “It is amazing to me how the wind tunnel and spin can go around and around in an echo chamber. And this is simply a lie. I did not question Barack Obama’s patriotism, I did not say he was anti-American. And the other accusation is that I was calling for members of Congress to be investigated on their anti-American views. That’s absolutely a lie.”

The interview with McCaslin is available here. (MP3)

And here’s a transcript of her “Hardball” comments.

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