With a safe seat, Ellison targeting his new ads at labor issue

Congressman Keith Ellison has stayed mostly below the radar this election season, in contrast to two years ago when he was elected as the first Muslim in Congress.

Ellison seems to be coasting to re-election against Republican Barbara Davis White in the very DFL-heavy 5th District.

So Ellison’s new radio ads, to begin running this week, don’t go after his opponent but instead rail against what he calls “corporate management groups” that have been advertising heavily against the Employee Free Choice Act.

“Plain and simple, these [ads] are lies paid for by CEOs who negotiate lavish salaries for themselves – but don’t want you to be able to bargain for a better life for yourself and your family … [they] want to continue lining their pockets while they keep picking yours,”  Ellison said in announcing his own ad.

Ellison said the Employee Free Choice Act “would require employers to recognize a union chosen by workers through a majority sign¬up process, if that is the means for recognition that the workers choose. Employees are still completely free to choose the secret ballot process. EFCA also mandates binding arbitration for a first contract, if the union and the employer are unable to reach an agreement.”

He’ll roll out the ads with a 2 p.m. press conference today in Room 215 of the Minneapolis United Labor Center, 312 Central Ave SE.

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  1. Submitted by David Wakely on 10/25/2008 - 12:51 pm.

    Congressman Ellison has been doing anything but “coasting to re-election.” On the contrary, the Ellison campaign has been working hard since February to help more people in the Fifth Congressional district find their political voice. Congressman Ellison’s stated goal is to turn out at least 20,000 new voters in his district, a district that historically turns out 3% to 5% fewer voters each general election. Starting with 8 staff in February, the campaign now has more than 40 paid staff and interns, and hundreds of volunteers. The campaign’s efforts have been focused on the 50 to 70 precincts with the lowest voter turnout in the Fifth. In addition, the campaign’s Somali and apartment complex outreach teams are reaching deep into under-represented areas to help deliver Minnesota’s most diverse district for Barack Obama and Al Franken.

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