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Minneapolis ‘going green’ in January

The city of Minneapolis will try to make "green choices" when ordering supplies and other goods, starting in January.

A new policy means city departments will purchase environmentally preferable products when possible on all types of goods and services, which would include such things as copy paper and traffic cones.

“Buying green is good for the environment and good for the economy,” said Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. “By using the purchasing power of the City, we hope to promote environmental sustainability in Minneapolis, while also growing a new green economy. Our actions match our values when we make our purchasing choices with consideration for the environment.”

Council Member Scott Benson explained: “Orders for supplies that have comparably priced, quality ‘green’ matches will be automatically filled by the green option. We are starting small, and we will continue incorporating green products into our approved list as technology and pricing improve to make them eligible as seamless replacements.”

The policy covers the smallest to the largest purchases – with the proviso that high quality and comparable cost are maintained  – from office paper, garbage bags and vehicles to lighting and heating systems and even road construction materials.

To see the full policy, go here.

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