St. Cloud is ready to build, if Congress approves Obama stimulus plan

St. Cloud is wasting no time in preparing for a possible Obama public works stimulus plan next year: City officials have 31 projects on a nationwide list of local projects ready to go if the money comes through.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors is all for it and has prepared a list of 11,391 projects from 427 cities that, they say, are much-needed.

The St. Could Times reports that $10.5 million in water treatment improvements is on its shopping list of city projects. All together, the St. Cloud proposals would cost more than $40 million and create nearly 500 jobs.

Some of the other St. Cloud projects:

• Lighting at St. Cloud Regional Airport, 19 jobs, $1.5 million.

• Rehabilitation of the 22nd Avenue North neighborhood, 45 jobs, $4.5 million.

• Rehabilitation of the 10th Avenue North neighborhood in two phases, 63 jobs, $5.5 million.

• More than $8 million in sewer improvements that would create 109 jobs.

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  1. Submitted by Craig Westover on 12/10/2008 - 02:35 pm.

    Sorry, but government can’t create jobs. The money for these projects must be taken from some other people in the economy. All government can do is move money around – less the administration cost of moving money around. In economics, it’s called the theory of the “seen” versus the “unseen.” You can point to people making sewer improvements and say “Look at all the jobs we created.” What you can’t see is all the jobs not being created because the money is going down the sewer.

    Now, building a robust private economy creates the need for sewers and does create jobs for people who improve the sewers. That’s tax money well spent, but the need is driven by the private sector. We don’t (or shouldn’t) just build sewers for the helluva it. If St. Cloud needs to go to the federal government for money to fix its sewers, then one has to ask, just what is St. Cloud spending its tax money on that it doesn’t have money to provide the basic local government function of sewer maintenance? That is the “unseen” lost opportunity cost.

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