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Atlantic makes the case for a potential Coleman win in Senate election contest

An article in the Atlantic argues that Norm Coleman could prevail in the courts.

Says Marc Ambinder in the story: “Coleman will try to establish that the ballots have not been counted uniformly, and the different methods led to an inaccurate count. There is evidence for this. Franken’s lead is due in part to his legal team’s deft maneuvering around the issue of counting mistakenly rejected absentee ballots.”

But commenters at The Minnesota Independent don’t think so. And one refers to Nate Silver at who says:

 “It’s a bit like that old shtick you’ll see in third-rate gangster movies, where the Million Dollar Briefcase turns out to have a few $100s conspicuously placed at the top of the pile concealing a mass of $1s. Coleman has a tip, but no iceberg.”

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 01/19/2009 - 01:45 pm.

    Comments from “FOG” (Friends of George) at Minnesota
    ‘Independent” not-with-standing, there are plenty of people who are firmly convinced that the recount hasn’t been handled well at all.

    Interesting take at the Wall Street Journal today:

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