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Coleman-Franken trial: Bush sends support to Coleman; could Franken be 60th Dem again?

The Coleman-Franken trial got under way on time this morning with St.

The Coleman-Franken trial got under way on time this morning with St. Paul Elections Manager Joe Mansky being questioned by Norm Coleman lawyer John Rock.

Mansky, perhaps the state’s foremost expert on election practices, was asked his opinion on a series of previously rejected absentee ballots.

Coleman’s side is trying to get the three-judge panel to open up the scope of previously rejected absentee ballots and agree to count many of them.

Meanwhile, there’s related Washington, D.C., news, too, with implications for Minnesota’s Senate race.

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Politico is reporting that New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg – a Republican — is being considered for commerce secretary. Emphasis on “considered.”

If he’s appointed by President Obama, New Hampshire’s Democratic governor could appoint a Democratic senator. If Coleman loses his election contest, Al Franken could become the 60th Democratic senator, making for the so-called filibuster-proof Senate.

Meanwhile, The “Briefing Room” blog for The Hill, a Washington, D.C., publication, reported that former President George W. Bush sent a letter to Coleman, wishing him good luck.

Politico also has a funny story about the stuff left over from Coleman’s Washington office.