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Franken-Coleman recount: A dissent on Wall Street Journal op-ed piece

Al Franken lawyer Marc Elias begs to differ with colleague David Brauer’s analysis of Professor Michael Paulsen’s Wall Street Journal op-ed piece today.

When asked about the Paulsen piece, Elias said: “It’s important to realize that the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal has been attempting to undermine the credibility of this election now for weeks … I stopped writing letters responding to their false editorials months ago.”

As for the notion of an electoral do-over that Paulsen suggests …

Elias reiterated what’s happened already: The State Canvassing Board, with two Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices on it, declared Franken the candidate with the most votes; Coleman has lawfully contested the election; a trial will ensue; the process needs to come to an orderly conclusion before a hand-picked three-judge panel.

Because of all that,  “I don’t think we’re headed towards a special election,” Elias said. “But I think former Sen. Coleman is near the end of the rope here.”

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  1. Submitted by Spadafora Spadafora on 01/16/2009 - 02:16 pm.

    I don’t care who the “hand-picked three-judge panel” says is the winner.

    If members of this panel have any commonsense, they’ll decide a runoff election is the only way to settle this senate race.

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