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Minnesotans line up for inauguration tickets

WASHINGTON, D. C. — Thousands lined up to get inauguration tickets today, whether they actually had tickets to pick up or not.

Outside the office of Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), a group of amiable folks waited for hours to see if there would be any inaugural leftovers. Spirits were high; hope sprang eternal.

“I heard they had no cancelations, but I’m just going to hang out,” said Shelly Fountain, a 45-year-old social worker from St. Paul. This was after one of Klobuchar’s staff made an official announcement that there would be no extra tickets.

The reality didn’t seem to faze Kathryn Lien of Birchwood Minnesota either. She had been waiting outside Klobuchar’s office for two hours, and didn’t look to be going anywhere. But, she also had something of a backup plan. In a moment of strategic insight, Lien and her husband had decided to split up. He was waiting outside of Rep. Betty McCollum’s office on the other side of the Capitol.

Further down the hallway from Klobuchar’s office, tougher decisions were being made. The Myers family from the Twin Cities had actually managed to nab five tickets but had six people in their group.

“We’re planning on doing a lot of rock-paper-scissors,” said Char Myers, whose daughter has done work with the DFL.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Gross, a fully ticketed presidential elector from Minnesota, had the luxury of taking it all in.

“It is a total joy,” Gross said.

P.S. Coleman update:

Across the building, Norm Coleman’s office was locked. Cardboard moving boxes were visible through the glass double doors. Inside, a lone ball cap rested on an empty counter. It read: “Minnesota Nice.”

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