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Coleman-Franken trial: Judges rule out 13 of 19 disputed categories of absentee ballots

The ballot universe and the scope of the Norm Coleman-Al Franken Senate trial were significantly sliced today,  when the three-judge panel overseeing the case reduced the number of categories it will consider opening and counting.

Thirteen of 19 categories in dispute won’t be counted, Judges Elizabeth Hayden, Kurt Marben and Denise Reilly ruled minutes ago. (See the court order – a PDF – here.) The categories include some major ones involving signatures and addresses on ballot envelopes.

The judges asked lawyers from both sides about the 19 categories of rejected absentee ballots.

Franken’s side believed only two of the categories should be opened.

The Coleman side wanted 17 categories opened.

It’s unclear at this moment how many ballots now have been tossed out by the judges.

Both campaigns will be reacting soon. Check back later today for analysis of the ruling.

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