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Don’t expect Minnesota budget resolution any time soon

As much as we hear about proposals for slashing and burning at the Legislature to cure the budget malady, it’s going to be some time yet before the real action starts, says Don Davis of the Forum newspapers.

A new report coming on March 3 is expected to show that the current deficit of nearly $5 billion will grow to $7 billion. That increase may cause Gov. Tim Pawlenty to rework his budget. And officials still want to see the final results of the stimulus bill from Washington. 

And so far, we haven’t seen anything yet on a budget plan from state DFLers.

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  1. Submitted by William Jewell on 02/20/2009 - 10:40 pm.

    Is the Budget keeping focus off needed measures?

    Are both branches of government using the budget as a means of not working on other measures that might create jobs, opps, I forgot about the Bills for “Pot and Booze,” humor; isn’t the budget problem really their problem and their job to fix and while the game is being played by the few who work on the problem why not some real job measures from the rest of the Legislature?

    Media, the Budget is a distraction from what else the Legislature should be working on, if you rated each Bill how many jobs are being created for each one likely to pass?

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