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Contradictory reports on Norm Coleman as possible new RNC chief

Early today, Politico reporter Mike Allen had a one-liner in his Playbook:

"WORD ON THE STREET: The next RNC chairman will be Norm Coleman, after he loses his recount fight and big donors see Michael Steele’s March numbers."

But later, The Hill reported:

"Coleman's campaign said that no one has asked Coleman if he's interested in the job, contrary to reports in other media outlets this morning.

" 'Senator Coleman believes that Chairman Steele is doing an exceptional job, is a strong voice and leader for the party,' Coleman spokesman Tom Erickson said. 'And, he looks forward to working with him to build the party when he returns to the United States Senate.' "

Until the Senate trial is resolved, don't look for anything definitive.

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Comments (4)

"...when he returns to the United States Senate."

Ah, to be so naive.

hello all
as a life long republican. i would not like to see norm coleman as the rnc chairman. norm coleman does not represent republican values. if he would have stood on conservative values instead of being a democrate "lite" he probably would have beaten franken. i am hoping norm loses the recount as in the next election we can nominate a caditate with real republican values.
i am hoping rinos like coleman just fad away.
rep bachmann stood on conservative vales and easily won her election eventhough she was up against rather forbidable forces to defeat her.
norm coleman would prefer to compromise rather than stand up for republican values.

Is there a place to contribute to the Norm Coleman for RNC Chairman fund? Perhaps Norm will follow the money and finally leave us.

Michele Bachmann won reelection with significantly less than 50% of the vote - and underperforms in a strong republican district.