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Liberal watchdog site wonders: Why won’t the press call Norm a sore loser in the Coleman-Franken contest?

Eric Boehlert, columnist for the liberal watchdog site Media Matters, says Norm Coleman has mostly avoided the “dreaded sore loser label … that can be a career-killer for any politician.”

In a very long opinion piece, he says, “The press has largely given Coleman and his Republican supporters an open canvas on which to operate.”

He notes that Al Gore was called a sore loser in 2000. “I doubt a day went by during the Florida recount when there wasn’t a “sore loser” reference to Gore in the press. (In Nexis, I found nearly 900 “sore loser” press mentions in Gore articles between November and December 2000.)”

But here, he says, Coleman and his attorney haven’t had to worry about it. “They can play hardball with impunity because they’re getting a free pass from the press,” Boehlert says.

And he wonders:

“If Coleman soon suffers yet another recount loss and appeals to the Minnesota Supreme Court, will the press finally dip its toe into the sore loser pool? What if Coleman loses at the Minnesota Supreme Court in April or May and then appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court, which could then tie up the Senate seat into next year? Will the press then suggest Coleman and Republicans are sore losers?

“Is there any point along Coleman’s unprecedented litigious path at which the press will apply the same standard to a Republican that it applied to a Democrat?”

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 03/31/2009 - 04:23 pm.

    I don’t recall the mainstream media calling ALGORE a “sore loser”.

    If George Soros really wants that kind of control over the media, he’s going to have to cough up a lot more cash than he’s forking out to fund thoroughly discredited, internet puppet theaters like “Media Matters” and “Minnesota Independent”.

    As it stands, only the goofballs inhabiting the far left fringe rely on the Sorosphere for anything other than good comedy material.

    I hear there are some newspapers for sale around here somewhere~

  2. Submitted by Eric Ferguson on 03/31/2009 - 05:19 pm.

    Thomas, if you loosen your Soros-brand tinfoil hat a moment, you might want to look at the media references Boehlert had. Besides, Nexis isn’t exactly a database of lefty blogs.

    Now if you want to say calling Coleman a sore loser isn’t a valid charge, that’s valid, But the difference in coverage in undeniable.

  3. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 03/31/2009 - 07:29 pm.

    I guess SOME of just have short memories… especially for documented evidence that the MSM is not, in any way “liberal” but is, in fact, very conservative and over the past 30 years has come to be nothing but a mouthpiece for it’s wealthy far-right owners.

    The “suits” and “hair” they pass of as “journalists” have long since sold their souls and their integrity for big paychecks.

    Locally, the largest stroke in that direction was when CBS took over WCCO, then the radio station with the largest market share of any in a major market in the US, but also a consistent moderate-to-liberal voice in order to “improve it.”

    What they did, instead, was cut most of the moderate-to-liberal on-air talent, substituted endless right wing call-in shows and ran the ratings right into the ground.

    And the “good neighbor to the northwest” became the kind of neighbor most of us no longer wanted living on our blocks or talking in our kitchens, offices or cars.

    Strangely enough, the politics of the state shifted in major ways over the next decade, though… I guess it must have been money well spent! But never doubt, that, the rest of the MSM, too, has been bought and paid for and not by anyone or anything “liberal.”

  4. Submitted by will lynott on 04/01/2009 - 08:12 pm.

    Anyone who doesn’t remember the “sore loser” catcalls from the 2000 election wasn’t paying attention–or is willfully ignorant. I remember clearly the hand-held signs in the streets trumpeting “Sore-Loserman”–a cynical play on the “Gore-Lieberman” banners that the Democrats advertised with. The gibes were on the nightly news for weeks. No one who was watching could possibly have missed them. Oh, and Thomas–Mr Gore’s name is Al Gore–you know, with a space between the first and last names, and upper and lower fonts–like with your name, for example. Only dittoheads gratuitously insult this honorable man by spelling and pronouncing it ALGORE. It’s an insult, like referring to the Democratic Party as the “Democrat Party.”

  5. Submitted by Steve Rose on 04/02/2009 - 08:33 am.

    Honorable and Al Gore are mutually exclusive. The number of climatologist with advanced degrees that have signed on the line that “climate change” is bad science has just passed 700. Yet, some of us are still listening to the honorable Al Gore, who has no science credentials. He did get that Nobel Prize, but so did Jimmy Carter. I think that has become a political prize.

    This senate seat debacle makes Minnesota the big loser on the national scene. My out of state friends are relentless with their jibes about Minnesota politics. A run-off could have settled this about six months ago, but the end is no where in sight.

    Both candidates have behaved badly. I propose that we give Klobuchar two votes in the Senate, and call it good. Let’s move on.

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