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Oh (my goodness) — Minnesota revenue forecast coming Tuesday

A curious line in Sunday’s Pioneer Press Q and A story with state economist Tom Stinson — previewing the state’s revenue forecast coming on Tuesday — shows the language restrictions in newspapers have changed a bit, at least since my days at the Strib (maybe because of the looser writing common in the blogosphere?):

“Q. Do you think much about what’s at stake for average Minnesotans in your forecasts?

“A. Oh, Christ, yes! The idea that economists don’t have feelings is something that, if you talk to my staff, you’ll find out that they’re more conscious of this than anybody else as to what’s going to happen. What we do is very serious.”

Also of interest in the story is the line:

“…state law prohibits Stinson from revealing his forecast to the governor or anyone else before the day he releases it to the public. That’s one way Minnesota ensures it gets objective, professional economic forecasts untainted by politics.”

Anyway, we’ll see what kind of language the governor and legislators use after Stinson’s forecast on Tuesday.

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