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Coleman-Franken recount: Dem activist Begala urges party effort to push Coleman to concede

Playing to his base of friends, longtime Democratic Party activist, Clinton administration member and CNN pundit Paul Begala today sent an email to those on the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee list and urged them to sign a petition urging Norm Coleman to “give it up.”

“How many more recounts does Norm Coleman want? How many more delays? How much longer will the Republican Party hold Minnesota’s Senate seat hostage?” Begala asks.

It seems that, from both parties, the rhetoric in D.C. is heating up as the election contest trial’s final stages approach.

You can check out Begala’s grandstanding right here.

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  1. Submitted by Sandy Huseby on 04/03/2009 - 02:25 pm.

    I’m with Begala on this one. As a neighbor in Fargo, and a weekend Minnesotan near Park Rapids, I’m baffled that this blatant attempt at power grab by the national Republican party has gotten so little pushback.

    So I’m just one citizen saying: Enough, Norm! You lost. You know it. John Cornyn knows it. The other Republican Senators who brag about stopping Franken from being seated to their homestate parties know it.

    While you posture and stonewall and appeal and send forth legal scoundrels like Ben Ginsberg to flout the voters of the state of Minnesota, our neighbors here in the NW part of the state desperately need the constituent service and power of TWO Senators.

    Give it up, Norm. Time to honor the voters and the reality of this process instead of crippling the citizens of Minnesota when they need their government most.

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