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Senate recount trial: Coleman talking to D.C. supporters, vowing fight will go on

According to Roll Call, the respected Washington, D.C., news outlet, Norm Coleman is going to keep up fighting for the U.S. Senate seat for as long as he can.

He’s currently briefing supporters in a closed session.
“He believes that he won the race and won’t concede until there is a fair and accurate accounting of all properly registered voters or a new election is held, whichever is cleaner,” one GOP source told Roll Call’s David M.Drucker. “If he wanted to protect his political future he would drop it, but this is about justice to him, not a political seat.”

Here’s the entire story.

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  1. Submitted by Len Lichtblau on 04/02/2009 - 01:51 pm.

    Has anybody questioned Governor Pawlenty as to whether he will certify Al Franken as the second senator from Minnesota if he wins this round of the recount? I haven’t heard word one from him on the subject and I think that word counts for more the comment of a Texas Senator who makes Al Franken sound more dangerous than Osama bin Laden.

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