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House Speaker Kelliher sounds like she’s ready to announce run for governor

It sounds as if there soon will be another bandwagon in the ever-growing DFL gubernatorial candidate parade. House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher all but said she will soon be announcing her plans to run for the big office in 2010.

“I don’t have a plan, but I’m thinking about it,” Kelliher told me Thursday.

In political-speak, that means she’s simply trying to pick the best day to announce.

Despite what many see as a rocky ending to the legislative session, Kelliher, a Minneapolis legislator with rural Minnesota roots, almost certainly will be considered a top-tier candidate in a field that right now is filled with earnest, but so far uninspiring, candidates.

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Comments (4)

Margaret A-K would be both an excellent & inspiring *candidate* for governor and an exceptional Governor! Hope you are right in your thoughts of a pending announcement Doug.

As a republican, she has the best chance of winning of all the DFL candidates so far. Hatch - losser, Bakk - grossly incompetent, Marty - really?, Entenza - all the lib ideas, but out of touch with non believers. Maybe you can get Dayton to run but I think the fresh face will play better.


Margaret has proven she is not able to cut fat.