Should Twin Cities be one? It’s been considered

Combining St. Paul and Minneapolis into one larger city has been seriously considered in the past. Should it be again?

A discussion Thursday — billed as “lighthearted” — will look at merger attempts.

In the late 1800s, there was a proposal to form a third city that would consolidate Minneapolis and St. Paul into one large metropolis located midway between the two downtowns –- around the Prior and University intersection. It was fueled by the desire for one big city, and also by frustration with the on-going rivalry. Midway-area businesses really liked the idea and there was political support from presidents, governors, business groups, newspaper editorials, Archbishop John Ireland and the general public.

The panel discussion — “Merged Twin Cities: Past, Present and Future” — will be at 7 p.m. Thursday in Room 317 of Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul.

Panelists are: Brian McMahon- Historian and author, Director of University United; Russ Stark- St. Paul City council member of 4th Ward which extends to city line; Cam Gordon- Minneapolis City council member in Prospect Park Ward 2, which also goes to city line; and David Lanagren- Chair of Geography Department, Macalester College, Coordinator of Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education.


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