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Spooner, Wis., editorial declares Favre a virtual traitor ‘stabbing Packer fans in the back’

How seriously do Packer fans take their football? Last week, an editorial by Bill Thornley, editor of the Spooner, Wis., Advocate started like this: “Packer fans, prepare to gag.” Then, Thornley got worked up.

Thornley, a wonderful wildlife photographer whose editorials typically are red, white and blue conservative, is clearly unhappy with the notion that former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre is on the verge of donning Viking purple. For Favre to play for the Vikings, Thornley wrote, would be “stabbing in the back every loyal Packer fans who supported him for 16 years.”

Thornley concluded with this: “Any lasting legacy or good will that Favre might have still had in Wisconsin is gone the moment he puts on that Viking uniform. Many see it as the act of a traitor. Don’t look for #4 to be retired by the Packers or Favre’s name added to the Circle of Honor very soon.”

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  1. Submitted by mark regnier on 06/29/2009 - 09:30 am.

    This Article needs some “TLC”

    The Packers will retire #4 and put him in the ring of honor or risk him going into the hall of fame as a viking.

    Brett now has a team that wants to win and will spend the money needed. He has for the first time in his carrer a Super running back along with some very good fullbacks. If his arm stays healthy, he’s got a chance to do what Elway did with a lesser team (Win two Superbowls in a row.

    Ted Thompson wanted to start with youth and that’s ok but he should of been more honest with Brett at the onset. Thompson comes from the same state as Bush and that should tell you something about half truth business people from Texas.

    Favre should of been given his freedom a few years ago to go where he wanted. Thompson wanted favre out for Money reasons and to sweep out all the old and bring in all new under his management. This Tactic which is all to common these days adds stress and divides players old and young. Player’s & coaches alike were at risk and on pins and needles daily which is not healthy for anyone.

    Rodgers could of been Franchized this year, there was no need for what happened last year because the Franchize tag was the insurance policy.

    I hope Favre does well and the Vikings makes sense at a buisiness stand point regarding himself. He Gave Wisconsin some much needed pride we were lacking in football since the 60’s. All of us that were born in the 60’s were sick of watching highlights of Starr to Horning. Favre, Reggie, Holmgren and co. They won and whipped up on the Bears as iceing on the cake, how could you forget that. McMahon from the Bears played for Green Bay and so did Steve McMichael and they are all still loved in Chicago.

    Favre is a people person not selfish as described by a few. Having his own locker is because you cant dress or try to get your witts together with 10 people standing there with camera’s and microphones in your face. He’s working out again at a high school with high school kids, can you imagine what that does for the teenagers!. They are practicing with a hall of famer that doesn’t sound like a selfish stuck up person as described.

    Everyone needs to let Favre move on and for us to root for the new Packer team. We should feel pride and confiendent we can beat anybody so PLEASE LET IT GO! SO YOU DON’T RUIN 16 YEARS OF GREATNESS.

    Thank You

  2. Submitted by Mike Haubrich on 06/29/2009 - 09:31 am.

    I think that he will end up in the Circle of Honor mo matter what he does regarding the Vikings.

    He has earned it.

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