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Breathalyzer system will be used for under-age drinkers at new U of M football stadium

No alcohol will be sold at the new Gopher football stadium when it open this fall, so the word has been that students and others might choose to "load up" before the games.

But Shelby Rhodes in the Minnesota Daily reports that underage students who are caught intoxicated and ejected from the stadium will be subject to breathalyzer tests if they return to another game. Police have come up with a breathalyzer system -- called “Check BAC,” as in Blood Alcohol Content -- in their quest to prepare for the coming season when football returns to campus.

The plan, according to the Daily:

If a student is caught for underage consumption or ejected from the stadium for public intoxication, they are automatically enrolled in the program. If the student comes back to a game that same season, they will be required to provide a breath sample on a portable breath tester.

If they are underage and have alcohol in their system, they will not be allowed entry into the game. Even if they are of age, depending on their level on intoxication, they might not be admitted into the stadium.

The University has also set up rules for tailgating outside the stadium. To prepare for the games, University police will use dozens of police officers from more than 20 other jurisdictions to help out on game days. With the University's  own 46 full-time officers, there will be about 100 officers on duty during games.

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Comments (2)

Things will be so much easier when we finally get government health care.

That way, specialists from the US Department of Life Preperation will someday be able to insert a behavior chip into newborns while taking the required DNA sample.

Nip bad behavior in the bud, literally.

I hope the University has a big chunk of money set aside for litigation, because I can see a lawsuit on this a mile away!

I'm sure all the fans shelling out big bucks to watch our dismal team, will appreciate waiting two hours in line so the University can assure us that no student in the stadium has drank a beer.