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Northern Minnesota newspaper weathers another problem

As if the meltdown in journalism wasn’t enough, the Mesabi Daily News in Virginia, Minn., weathered a natural disaster of sorts, too, this week.

A lightning strike at its printing plant shut down production Tuesday night, so the Wednesday paper had to be printed in Ashland, Wis. The problem has been fixed for today’s edition.

There were no color photos or ads in the Wednesday edition, which was available at newsstands by Wednesday afternoon. It will be delivered to subscribers today along with the Thursday paper.

Today’s story about the problem says more than 1,000 people called, wondering where their papers were:

“They were so nice when we explained what had happened,” one front office employee said. “Some were concerned that someone may have been hurt,” said another front office worker.

Said the paper:

The calls put an exclamation mark on the importance of newspapers … the importance of the MDN. Wednesday was not the same for our subscribers because they did not have their morning Mesabi Daily News. They wanted to pick up and hold and read and enjoy their daily newspaper.

Newspapers dying? No way!

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  1. Submitted by Tim Walker on 07/16/2009 - 02:42 pm.

    But how old are the MDN readers who missed the paper that morning, and are there enough younger readers there to replace them when the old ‘uns die off?

    IMHO, despite the current trend, if newpapers provide valuable information to readers, they will survive.

    But, like Detroit car-makers, if newpapers don’t adapt and start making a product that people are willing to pay money for, they will also die off.

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