Rep. Peterson: many believe 9/11 conspiracy theories

Rachel E. Stassen-Berger of the Pioneer Press plucked this gem from Politico:

“Twenty-five percent of my people believe the Pentagon and Rumsfeld were responsible for taking the twin towers down,” said Rep. Collin Peterson, a Democrat who represents a conservative Republican district in Minnesota. “That’s why I don’t do town meetings.”

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  1. Submitted by Herbert Davis on 07/27/2009 - 02:15 pm.

    So….25 % control the agenda for the other 75%?

  2. Submitted by Tim McCaulley on 07/27/2009 - 05:50 pm.

    This is a curious and strange comment for several reasons:

    1. What is Collin Peterson doing representing people when he would rather not hear or deal with their views on issues pertaining to the possible conduct of the federal government. If he doesn’t like the duties of his job, perhaps he ought to go into another line of work.

    2. In a conservative Republican district twenty-five percent of its voters don’t believe what their President, Vice-President, and government told them.

    This begs the question how much of the rest of the electorate (which nationally is decidedly neither conservative nor Repuiblican)disbelieves the official story of what and how the disaster of 911 occurred going on 8 years after the fact.

    3. This is a story in need of further polling research and elaboration. Particularly how it is that so many people have come to the conclusion that members of the Federal government are responsible for such a disaster.

    Instead of running from confronting this issue, Collin Peterson ought to embrace and explore further this enigma.

  3. Submitted by Michael Ernst on 07/28/2009 - 12:14 am.

    Is that headline referring to the emergency phone number or the date 9/11?

  4. Submitted by Rod Loper on 07/28/2009 - 09:11 am.

    A sad and curious comment indeed. Sounds as if he was avoiding dealing with the issue of the birthers. They probably run 25% in his district as well. No reason to avoid meeting constiuents.
    This is arrogance personified.

  5. Submitted by Bruce Stahlberg on 07/28/2009 - 10:06 pm.

    The reason that Rep. Colin Peterson does not like public forums is that he could be asked questions that are very difficult to answer regarding the attacks of September 11, 2001. For example:

    1. Why did a third World Trade Center building, one that was not hit by a plane, completely collapse straight down in 7 seconds? Why did this building not even get mentioned in the 9/11 Commission report? Most citizens have never heard of this building before, let alone seen it collapse. So take a look for yourself: > videos

    2. Earlier this year a peer reviewed report came out with 8 scientists authoring an investigation that discovered nano-thermite residue in the World Trade Center dust. Thermite is a chemical that is used for the demolition of buildings. Listen to this interview with Dr. Niels Harrit at

    Why was a product that is used for demolition of buildings found in the dust? How would it get there?

    These and other questions could be brought up by the constituents the congressman is supposed to be serving. The number who actually believe it is no doubt higher but they do not bother to bring up a topic that their representative will not even acknowledge himself.

    I urge all citizens to take another look at the events of the day that “changed everything”. There are more questions than answers.

    On the 8th anniversary there will be a movie on this topic sponsored by a family whose daughter was killed on that day. Come see for yourself at the Riverview Theater, 3800 42nd Ave So, Minneapolis, 5 pm, 9/11/09.

    Your fellow citizens who did not come home that day deserve at least an open mind when discussing this topic. Take a look again.

  6. Submitted by Jefferson on 07/29/2009 - 06:57 am.

    Between him and Marty Siefert, we’ve got a lot to be proud of down here in the Marshall area.(sarcasm)

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