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Another political booth pops up at State Fair: Draft Rybak for Gov

It didn’t make my State Fair politics preview story, but a last-minute addition to the State Fair political scene has emerged like a corn dog arising from the hot oil: a Draft Rybak (for governor) booth is up and running near the Epiphany Diner.

The Minnesota Independent notes that Rybak probably won’t be making appearances there — it might appear unseemly to be campaigning for governor while in the midst of his mayoral reelection — but 15 volunteers are expected to staff the booth.

MinnIndy quotes booth organizers Kent Ortner and John Sylvester:

“We plan to speak with people who stop by the booth about why we feel that R.T.’s record of tangible, sustainable answers to pressing policy issues makes him an ideal candidate for governor.”

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Dan Hoxworth on 08/28/2009 - 12:41 pm.

    This is a done deal if you have heard Mayor Rybak speak at any of the Congressional District picnics this summer. At the 6th, it was very clear. He language changed from that of a potential candidate to that of a candidate in the middle of his speech to the crowd.

    Do we have a big enough stage for all the DFL contenders? And last time, the DFL put forward Mike Hatch. Definitely, an opporunity missed.

  2. Submitted by Tim Nelson on 08/28/2009 - 02:45 pm.

    What does it say when the gaggle of candidates for Sabo’s old seat is better quality than the goober candidates on both sides of the aisle?

    Nice of them to leave 90 yards for the Independence party to play in, though.

  3. Submitted by Roy Everson on 08/29/2009 - 01:08 am.

    Near the end of the 2008 legislative session it looked like light rail University Av. expansion was hopeless. Rybak proclaimed it dead. Dead, he seemed quite certain. When it rose from the dead, I figured Rybak’s cred had changed places with it.

  4. Submitted by Tim Nelson on 08/29/2009 - 09:52 am.

    Roy, when the next generation of driverless transit comes along, we will all chide the politicians who supported an obsolete technology that could not be upgraded.

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