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Favre-mania won’t change Pawlenty’s stadium game plan

Certainly the addition of Brett Favre will spur the Minnesota Vikings to keep up the blitz for a newer, better stadium to accommodate all those new fans, but Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he’s not wavering.

MPR notes that Tuesday the governor praised the addition of the new quarterback, but vowed to keep protecting the taxpayers from the Vikings’ front line of lobbyists.

“The Vikings are really important to the state of Minnesota,” Pawlenty said. “They bring people a lot of fun and a lot of joy. But we have to set priorities and put first things first. And so, with the recession and all the budget challenges the country and Minnesota is facing, I don’t think we can turn to the taxpayers and say now we need you to pay for a billion dollar Vikings stadium at the time. It has to be on the back burner.”

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  1. Submitted by david zuhn on 08/19/2009 - 01:22 pm.

    The stadium doesn’t belong on the back burner. It shouldn’t even be on the stove.

    Not one moment of any government office holder’s time should be spent on stadiums until we get our economic house in order — and in order for the long term (not our present situation where we’re already billions behind for the next cycle).

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