Mark the calendar: St. Paul budget address set for Aug. 11

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman will deliver his annual budget address Aug. 11, and it won’t be pretty.

That is, the 2010 budget message will have to deal with an ugly financial outlook: unallotment, falling tax revenues and an economic climate that does not translate into lower taxes and more services. Coleman’s been one of the main critics of the governor’s budget cuts, particularly in state aid to local governments.

An eye-catching item in the speech announcement — at least for me, now that I don’t patrol the streets of downtown St. Paul everyday — was the location of the noon event: Cray Plaza. To most of us, that’s the complex formerly known as Galtier Plaza. (And there are some who still, late at night, call the building Latimer’s Folly.)

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  1. Submitted by Charley Underwood on 08/05/2009 - 10:16 am.

    As much as I really dislike Chris Coleman for his support of loose canon Bob Fletcher during the RNC, I really admire Coleman’s honesty. He just comes straight out and says that we need to close libraries and rec centers, furlough cops and fire fighters — and build an expensive ice practice facility across from the Xcel Center. He is really quite frank about his support of the cities biggest corporate interests and his distain of the services that would benefit more people. You certainly know where Chris Coleman stands.

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