Mayoral candidate Ng — who stridently opposes St. Paul tax hikes — featured in city firefighter academy video

Eva Ng, the Republican-endorsed candidate for mayor in St. Paul has been very vocal in her opposition to Coleman’s budget plan for tax increases to solve the budget crisis.

In fact, she is the main challenger to incumbent Mayor Chris Coleman because the other two challengers are perennial candidates Sharon Anderson and Bill Dahn.

So it was interesting to see Ng in a new city-produced video, which a faithful reader pointed out is on the Minnclips section of site (and the city of St. Paul’s website). The video highlights the new St. Paul Fire Citizen’s Academy, which allows residents to take part in a week-long, in-depth training program with city firefighters.

There, at about 1 minute into the nearly five-minute video, is none other than citizen/candidate Ng, featured as one of the citizens from the first class. She raves about the course, which, is free to the citizens and, therefore, paid for with those dreadful property taxes that keep rising. Ng also appears in other action scenes, and at about the 3-minute mark she says she admires the spirit of the firefighters.

The video urges anyone interested in being part of “this exciting experience” to call the department at 651-224-7811. But when I did that this morning, the operator hadn’t heard of the program and didn’t know how to refer me.  So I called the mayor’s office for details. By now, the operators will know.

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  1. Submitted by Sharon Anderson on 08/14/2009 - 01:57 pm.

    1st person to VOTE Absentee today Bill Dahn, he is calling for the Resignations of Chris Coleman and Abolishment of the DSI Department.

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