No town halls, says Oberstar: They’re too politicized

Now that Congressman Tim Walz in southern Minnesota seems to have buckled to the pressure to have a town hall meeting on health care reform, folks in the northern part of the state might be wondering if Congressman Jim Oberstar might have similar plans.  

Nope, says the Duluth News Tribune.

The paper reports:

“[Oberstar] typically does not do townhalls per say [sic],” [said spokesman John Schadl.]

Oberstar prefers forums with specific focus groups or interested parties, such as a forum he did last week in Pine City with farmers on dairy issues, Schadl said. “These town hall meetings have become so politicized, and he finds it so valuable to reach out to people when he travels, talk to them directly.”

Schadl said that Oberstar has had numerous meetings with constituency groups on health care reform in the past year.

Of course, Oberstar is a 17-term DFLer in a DFL district, while Walz is a second-term DFLer in a traditionally Republican district.

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  1. Submitted by Erik Holmes Sr. on 08/14/2009 - 04:30 pm.

    I believe that even though Congressman Oberstar represents a Democratic-majority district, he is possibly frightened that things will ‘go south’ quickly by all who oppose this issue, as with other Lib-Dems who have attended heated Town Hall meetings. Then he too will be seen as a tyrant by his constituants, the citizens of MN, & the USA, along with the rest of the Lib-Dems who only look for B.H.O.’s praise before anything. And WHY wouldn’t a state representative want to get the opinions of their district’s constituants? Apparently, he has currently stepped back to take a look at the situation. His Washington D.C. office says that he may possibly change his mind regarding holding a Town Hall meeting. I would hope that he takes a hard look into this big mistake that B.H.O. is attempting to shove down our throats only because HE wants it, and continues to lie to the country about what he actually has no clue about. He doesn’t care to hear anything but his Dems falling in line with him with no back-talk or lip. I hope that Congressman Oberstar is not by far Hell-Bent on voting with his fellow Liberal-Democrats just because he doesn’t want to be the “odd-duck”, and be scorned by Pelosi, Reid, & B.H.O., but possibly sees and understands how this will destroy not only the country, but possibly his career and/or possibility for reelection. We Don’t Want Government Forced Health Care. They need to stay out of it!

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