Walz’s speech to American Legion: ‘We can do right by our veterans’

U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, a retired command sergeant major in the National Guard, spoke at the national convention of the American Legion this morning in Louisville. Here are some of the Democrat’s prepared remarks:

“I know that when we work together, as we should, in a way that transcends politics, then I know that we can do right by our veterans, and in doing that, we can come together as a nation…We can debate things, and we can have differences, but we can also work them out, and figure out how to get to our common goal. And it is your leadership and your voice that serve as a guidepost for us to work from and to try to get where we need to go.

“We have been talking about seamless transition for at least a generation. But I will tell you why I am optimistic about this now. I am optimistic because we’ve got Congress on board, we’ve got the administration on board, and we’ve got two Secretaries, Secretary Gates and Secretary Shinseki, on board and who seem committed to working together in an unprecedented way.

“In all of this, you lead the way. And on seamless transition, we need your help – to tell us what our newest veterans need, and to tell us how to do it right.  The Legion speaks with the voice of experience and has the vision to propel this to initiative to completion in the very near future.”

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  1. Submitted by Nancy Gertner on 08/28/2009 - 12:24 am.

    Thank you Congressman Walz, for speaking to the Legion convention and telling the delegates that their role is important in helping military veterans to receive needed services and benefits.

    I looked for CSPAN coverage of the event, as they gave to President Obama speaking at the VFW Convention earlier this month. But it seems the news schedule is concentrated on covering Senator Kennedy in repose.

    Thank you Congressman Walz for being a champion for making electronic medical records a priority to enable that seamless transition from DoD medical to VA medical, and for working with members of the Executive and Legislative branches of government to make it happen.

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