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DFL raps Pawlenty’s musings on using 10th Amendment to avoid health care changes

The Minnesota DFL today pounced on Gov.

The Minnesota DFL today pounced on Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s remarks Thursday that he might reject federal health care changes by by asserting states’ rights.

Associate Chair Donna Cassutt said:

“We’ve had to endure numerous failings of Governor Pawlenty over the past years, but to consider using the Constitution of the United States to prevent Minnesotans from receiving the access to quality, affordable health care is not only preposterous, it’s further proof of his march to the right.

“It’s bad enough that in his tenure, Governor Pawlenty kicked more than 34,000 Minnesotans off of state health-care programs. It’s bad enough that he and his ultra-conservative puppeteers in Washington have stood in opposition to any kind of progress or real debate on the health-insurance reform that Minnesotans are demanding.

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“If the Governor chooses to use the 10th Amendment to opt-out of health-insurance reform, he would automatically set off a chain reaction that would make Minnesotans responsible for the maintaining our National Parks, cut off Minnesotan veterans’ access to VA benefits, and force senior citizens off of Medicare. That he would even entertain this notion is absurd.

“The Constitution was written to establish the guiding principles of our nation — not to be used as a political tool for Governor Pawlenty to score additional points with right-wing ideologues and further his personal ambitions. His comments yesterday were unconscionable and are an embarrassment to Minnesotans throughout the state.”