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House resolution on Rep. Joe Wilson passes

The House of Representatives passed a resolution of disapproval over Rep. Joe Wilson’s behavior during President Barack Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress last week. The resolution passed by a vote of 240-179.

Minnesota’s delegation voted along party lines. Tom Scheck has details at Polinaut.

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  1. Submitted by dan buechler on 09/15/2009 - 06:30 pm.

    I would like to hear Kline’s spokesman or Kline himself be questioned on this vote. This man once stood by our presidents and now he feels free to let members openly take potshots at him when they do not even have the microphone. Any centrist would say this is truly shameful but I guess its easy to be unfeeling, unthinking and toe the line. Congratulations once again on degrading the office of house member.

  2. Submitted by Richard Schulze on 09/15/2009 - 09:57 pm.

    What’s with the Carolinas, anyway? One representative wants to stage an Obama Waterloo, another calls the President a liar from the house floor. A Governor refuses federal aid when it could come in most handily. The time for that kind of crap was about 147 years ago and it didn’t work any better then.

    The Opposition seems to have turned into a gaggle of programmed No-bots playing to a mercifully shrinking core of ideologues. What used to be the South of sense and civility is turning into the new South of denser senility.

  3. Submitted by Joe Johnson on 09/16/2009 - 08:55 am.

    Why didn’t Pete Stark get rebuked? Standard Dem BS

  4. Submitted by Richard Schulze on 09/16/2009 - 10:21 pm.

    Joe, As a conservative Independent, I say it made a political party look silly. No different than some of the dumb bunny things that individual Dems do as well. No one party owns foolishness.

    The thing is, the fringe of both parties are too far apart. They are no where near where the middle majority of Americans reside. Its a shame that the middle does not get the attention that the fringes of both sides receive. Freak shows sell, both on the midway as well as in the media……

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