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National Democratic ad targets Bachmann and Paulsen on senior health care

Minnesota Republican Reps.

Minnesota Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann and Erik Paulsen are among 10 congressional members targeted by the Democratic National Committee with television ads attacking their views on health care.

CNN says the 30-second ads are part of the DNC’s effort to raise “the temperature a few degrees with an incendiary assertion: that House Republicans tried earlier this year to do away with the Medicare program in its entirety.”

The ad claims that “Republicans actually voted to abolish Medicare for future generations.” “The Republican Party, no friend of seniors,” the ad says as it ends.

CNN explains the context:

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[It refers to an amendment] “sponsored by Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, that would have replaced the nearly unlimited health care coverage provided by Medicare with vouchers that future senior citizens would use to buy private health insurance. Unlike Medicare, the vouchers would have provided a fixed benefit to recipients.

“Under Ryan’s proposal, Medicare would have remained in place for anyone currently in the program and anyone age 55 or older right now. Anyone below that age cut-off would have been enrolled in the voucher program with the effect that Medicare would have been slowly phased out over time. The proposal drew support from 137 Republican members of Congress.”