Albert Lea paper: Let metro taxpayers pay for new Vikings stadium

A newspaper editorial this week says the Vikings deserve a new stadium but calls for metro-area taxpayers to pony up, not outstate taxpayers.

The call comes from the Albert Lea Tribune, located 97 miles south of Minneapolis.

“We urge Vikings officials to seek a public-private partnership not with the state but with city and county authorities in the metropolitan area. That’s how the Minnesota Twins found the sales tax revenue for Target Field. And that route frankly is where the political winds in Minnesota are blowing right now. It makes little sense to push for a state-funded partnership that seems fated to fail from the onset.”

Here’s the reasoning:

The people in outstate Minnesota contribute to the economy of the metro area when they visit for sports contests. It costs more for someone from Albert Lea to see a game than someone from, say, the Como neighborhood of St. Paul. An outstater pays for tickets, food and beverages like others, but they also are more likely to pay for parking, hotel, restaurant, gasoline, shopping and even other entertainment.

A Como resident can take public transportation to the stadium, then head home. An outstater often makes a short vacation out of it.

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  1. Submitted by Mike Haubrich on 10/07/2009 - 09:47 pm.

    Good idea, David. They can also tax the satellite or cable bills from cities outside of the seven-county metro area for people that might watch the games. The outstaters get as much out of the Vikings as we do here, they just don’t want the responsibility of paying for keeping them here.

    I am actually not in favor of taxing to pay for the stadium, but I don’t like that someone else is fine for us to pay for all of it. They are right. Hennepin County is paying for the Target Field costs, yet the rest of Twins Territory is pretty excited about the thing. If they had been willing to contribute, there would have been enough money for a retractable roof.

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