Chris Coleman TV ad runs in last week of mayoral campaign

Now that he’s not running for governor, DFL St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman can focus on the little matter of winning re-election next week. He’s facing businesswoman Eva Ng, who’s running as an independent but has the support of city Republicans.

Coleman unveiled a television commercial today, a smoothly produced 30-second piece that has residents lauding his work in education, public safety and balancing the budget. It ends with a man saying: “Chris Coleman is a really good guy.” Almost seems like the kind of ad you’d expect in a governor’s race. Maybe that’s what it started as.

A four-minute web version is also available, with more testimonials and Coleman shaking hands and drinking coffee with lots of people, but that won’t run on television.

The high-powered team of campaign professionals Coleman hired in February — when we thought he would be in the governor’s race — can sure make nice videos.

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