Governors get briefed on Red River flood control optlions

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is in Moorhead today, along with North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven and Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., to learn more about proposals to protect the Fargo-Moorhead from major flooding.

The Fargo Forum says six alternatives, along with a levee system, will be presented by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project managers.

Local officials are being asked to select a plan by Dec. 1, so a proposal can be made to Congress.

The papers says

Six different Minnesota diversion plans, and three North Dakota alternatives, were studied. Of those, five Minnesota diversion plans met the federal cost-benefit threshold, while North Dakota diversion alternatives came very close, corps officials said. The North Dakota plans still face challenges due to the number of river tributaries that must be dealt with, as well as environmental concerns with fish movement. One levee plan that would protect the area from a 100-year flood also meet federal cost-benefit requirements.

Both states’ diversion alternatives were a mix of alignments that varied in length, proximity to the river, and capacity to move water.

Public information meetings will be held Tuesday in Fargo and Wednesday in Moorhead.

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