St. Paul gets $1 million from stimulus to study use of solar energy

A solar thermal heating system will go atop St. Paul’s RiverCentre as part of a demonstration of how solar energy can be integrated into existing district energy systems.

Officials announced today that they’re getting $1 million in stimulus money to help pay for the $2 million effort. 

The project was selected for the stimulus money as part of the national effort “to help speed adoption of solar energy while supporting development of a skilled workforce and continuing to pursue new scientific breakthroughs to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of solar technologies.”

St. Paul’s District Energy heats and cools 80 percent of downtown buildings by generating steam in its riverfront plant.

Minneapolis also got $30,000 to study integrating solar into its system.

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 10/23/2009 - 12:59 pm.

    So, Porkulous is paying half the $2 million dollar tab for this experiment.

    Where is the city getting that other $1 million?

    Mayor Chris Coleman has been trotting around the state telling people that dead bodies will be piling up in the streets because he disn’t get his yearly hand-out from the state….but he can find a million dollars to play around with?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your Democrat leaders in action.

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