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Charlie Weaver has fun saying why he won’t run for governor

Charlie Weaver won’t run for governor and that, he told MPR, is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Week.

Now executive director of the Minnesota Business Partnership, Weaver has lengthy political credentials: former Republican state legislator, chief of staff to Gov. Tim Pawlenty, commissioner of the Department of Public Safety for Gov. Jesse Ventura and criminal prosecutor for Anoka County.

Because of that, he knows the cost of a campaign.

“Mostly, it was an unwillingness to make the sacrifice,” Weaver said. “The personal commitment is just too much.”

In a statement, he was almost cheerful about the decision:

“While the Governor of Minnesota is a pretty good job, I am blessed to have a great job right now. I am able to work with some of the brightest business leaders in the world on issues that matter to our state and we’ve made a difference in protecting Minnesota’s remarkable quality of life …

“When I initially indicated that I was exploring getting into the Governor’s race, the reaction at that time of my ten-year-old son was “Don’t do it, Dad — you’ll get crushed!” While I still don’t agree with his assessment of my chances, I would dearly miss being around him for the next year and hearing more of his good advice.”

And in keeping with the light tone of his announcement, Weaver included 10 humorous reasons he won’t run:

1. The Governor’s Residence is nice, but it ain’t Anoka;
2. Old streaking “incident” makes endorsement unlikely;
3. Has only raised $25.13 so far;
4. Discovered that he has to pay for personal parties at the Residence;
5. Thinks unallotment is a board game;
6. Troopers told him he couldn’t wander the Residence in his underwear;
7. Friends are too “busy” to attend convention;
8. Gift ban makes it harder to get free stuff;
9. Not interested in all those boring budget meetings; and
10. Recent polling reveals he would lose to the intoxicated motorized LazyBoy guy.

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