Final ranked-choice ballot counting is wrapping up in Minneapolis

Minneapolis election officials are close to finishing their ballot counting from the Nov. 3 election, the first time they’ve used the new ranked voting method, reports MPR.

While most of the results are complete, candidates for an at-large park board commissioner are still waiting for final word.

Candidate Bob Fine is leading so far, and there are three seats available, so he’s feeling fairly confident, he told MPR.

“I have a degree in math, so I understand how things work very well mathematically,” Fine said. “I don’t think it’s possible. I would have to drop down, I would have to drop down to fourth and looking at second place votes and where they may come, I don’t think it’s very likely I’m going to end up dropping that far.”

Election officials in St. Paul, where a charter amendment change to use ranked-choice voting was approved in November, have been stopping by the Minneapolis warehouse where the counting is happening.

They might use a different process to tabulate the results to speed things up, said Ramsey County elections chief Joe Mansky.

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